Privacy Policy

Kashiyama Industries Group, which is composed of Kashiyama Europe GmbH and related companies (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), has established a privacy policy as follows to handle the personal information acquired from customers and trading partners, etc., strictly and properly.

Personal information handled

The company handles the personal information of the following people:

  1. Customers / trading partners: Name, place of employment, contact details such as telephone number and e-mail address, etc.
  2. Potential recruits: Address, name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, academic history, curriculum vitae
  3. Other: Name, place of employment, contact details such as telephone number and e-mail address, etc.

The company does not handle sensitive personal information such as passport information or data related to health, etc., through this website.

Purpose of use of personal information

The company acquires and uses personal information for the following purposes within the scope required for the company’s business activities.

  1. Personal information of customers / trade partners
    • For the development of the company’s products and services
    • For guidance on the company’s products, services and campaigns
    • For marketing and survey analysis on the company’s products and services
    • To deliver the company’s products
    • For processing various inquiries
    • For registration as a trading partner
  2. Personal information of potential recruits
    • For providing information such as the company profile, selection results, etc.
    • For activities such as recruitment and selection, etc.
    • For answers to inquiries about recruitment
  3. Other personal information
    • For answers to inquiries

Transfer (disclosure) of personal information to third parties

The company may transfer (disclose) acquired personal information to a third party such as an outsourcing supplier, etc. The third parties to whom the company transfers personal information also include parties resident in countries or regions outside of the EU / EEA. The transfer of personal information to third parties shall be carried out with the consent to this privacy policy and to the following points:

  1. The company transfers acquired personal information to third parties and that personal information is handled at those transfer destinations with the above-mentioned purposes
  2. There are cases where personal data protection laws are insufficient and appropriate protective measures on the same level as the EU / EEA cannot be taken by third parties who reside in countries outside of the EU / EEA.
  3. There are cases where the company transfers acquired personal information to third parties in countries and regions outside of the EU / EEA.
    * In cases where the company is to transfer the personal information of people resident inside the EU / EEA to outside of that area, the company shall notify concerned persons of that risk and obtain their clear consent.

Safety management measures for the protection of personal information

The company shall take appropriate organizational and technological steps to prevent the unauthorized use, loss and modification of personal information. Furthermore, the company shall grant the authority to access personal data only to employees who need to access said data. Those people are under a duty of confidentiality according to their employment contracts.

Handling based on consent and the withdrawal of consent

The company shall handle personal information based on consent to this privacy policy. This consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Period of retention of personal information

The company does not retain personal information beyond the limits required for the purposes above. Furthermore, if the retention of data becomes unnecessary, the company shall delete such data promptly.

Personal information disclosure and changes

If the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use or cessation of provision to a third party at the company of registered personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information Changes.”) is requested by the person concerned, the company shall respond to this without delay. However, in the following cases, the company may not disclose only some of the personal information or none at all. In cases where the company responds to a disclosure request, it shall receive a processing fee.

  1. Cases where disclosure may harm the life, health, property or other rights and interests of the person concerned or of a third party  
  2. Cases where disclosure may significantly hinder the proper implementation of the company’s business
  3. Other cases where disclosure would violate the law

About the use of cookies

A “Cookie” is a small text file sent by a web server to the browser of a computer or other mobile device (hereinafter referred to as “device”) used by a customer when accessing a website and stored on the hard disk drive of the device.
The company uses cookies on the company website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) for the following purposes.

  1. To provide information in an appropriate language for the user
  2. To analyze the rate of use and improve this website

About Google Analytics

The company uses Google Analytics to grasp the rate of use of this website and improve its service. Google Analytics gathers information on the viewing of this website, etc., using Cookies.

Information on the viewing of this website that is gathered, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that identifies specific individuals. Furthermore, that information is managed by Google based on its own privacy policy. For an explanation of the terms of use of Google Analytics, please see the Google Analytics website, and for an explanation of Google’s privacy policy, please see that company’s website.

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Google’s privacy policy

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